Thursday, May 23, 2013

it's me tweety hearts

tweet tweet facebook google hit rate likes trends friends, seems like the entire world is into itself, that sounds like incest on a global scale, well, if it was one person doing it, we'd call the psychiatrist, she, he has a problem, they all gather to fix the matter, but since everyone seems to be doing it, we call it normal, sounds like medicine of a strange kind, all the stars do it, they tweet like tweety birds all day, does anyone like me, who befriended me today, imagine how God most high feels, when we sell out love, soon he has no friends at all, tweet tweet. more than fifty shades of grey out there, what's going on is madness on a global scale, but when did madness stop anything, only when the little child stood up, and asked them all what they were doing, south park guys all over again, funny to imagine but hard to explain as they say, like the billion to one chance that you were born at all, tweet tweet go the little feet, mind them well before they enter the gathering pornographic storm.

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