Thursday, May 30, 2013

thought about your reputation

Love cannot grow where the truth has no reputation or support. It’s a true thought. Think.
Relationships founder on lies every day, governments or marriages end when trust disappears. They might paddle along, but the original shine is gone. All those thoughts, when they become bad ones, difficulty arises. And evil doers know this expertly.

Thoughts, make you laugh, depress you, upset you, turn you paranoid, turn you sexy, reveal another you. A lawyer makes claims, no truth at all, total conjecture, upsets everyone, destroys reputations, has happened by the way, amazing the power, amazing the ease we admit such thoughts, anger festers, becomes an obsession, conspiracy theories, thoughts become distrust, easy to upset life, with a few thoughts, and if thoughts are spread by people of status, thoughts important, no thought given to the direction we seem to be heading though, all of us, assume we’ll be fine, that’s thought out, assuming that change will not affect us, foolishness, have money we buy our way out, then internet came along, thoughts were more than just thoughts, self contained we think, companies silence employees easily, corrupt corporations silence entire nations by legislation, still do that’s real, thought you could do something about it, others thought the opposite, thought communism was the problem, thought they cured that, and the rich get richer, where has all the thought got us, not very far. Why thought matters, it’s conscience at work, the good the bad and the ugly side, were three dimensional you see, alone we are vulnerable, two we are comfortable, three we have options, just a thought by the way. When a younger person, first world journalists used to comment widely on all sorts of abuses going on in third world countries, scoops as they used to call them, wow, could that stuff go on over there, sex tourists flocking to Asia, to get their hands on poor women and children, grubby or what, now they can have it locally, no one seems to wonder at all, it wasn’t me I can hear you say, perhaps you deleted your internet history, have you one of those eraser programs, possibly, but the manifest indifference out there, is frightening, wars started for little reason, big opportunity in rebuilding Syria,planes drones missiles fired, consequences felt long away from home, don’t you think those under attack are going to feel the same way you do over here, when there is a terror strike, I just think so many are brain dead, living in a foreign atmosphere, I guess I’m right about that, those who profit from these situations, merchants of war that is, live in another universe, many thousands of miles from the action, drone makers bomb creators whatever, the point being, and it’s the same case for minority interests everywhere, after being besieged and held back, don’t you think they’ll get organized, react as they say, or do you think the governments that acts in the interests of their donors everywhere, don’t you see they have no interest in changing anything, other than holding power. The reason I mention thought, is simply this. If young folks are being radicalized, I don’t mean terrorism here or anything of the sort, but if young boys are being jolted sexually, the internal ignition is switched on too young as they say, where or what are they supposed to do about it, pretend it never happened, and given the likely scenario, these radicalized children are about younger children too, where do you think their internal focus will be, given they have to deal with this switch, and the intense feelings that come with it. The silence of so many for so many years, is testimony of failure to be responsible, everywhere, bar the very few voices, we allow to be heard, or wish to hear. Given the amount of prescription drugs used globally daily, and the addictive nature of people, it reminds me of most unthinkable situations, becoming real. I don’t care about popularity, that’s what we call celebrity today, but the blind following the blind, it’s the bible all the way, and we are being warned about it every day, and hardly a soul out there seems to wonder. For our love of children, we love them we love them, revolution or bust I’d say. Love cannot grow where the truth has no reputation or support. Can we not put our minds into a day, and think about it, rather than these silly one day protests about a war, why not a meeting of minds, on all the wars. But that’s common sense, that’s why we allow corrupt government to make decisions for us, cause later on we can blame them, then go about electing someone just like them, so that we can blame them, and so history has proved, just a thought. God most high isn’t much into thoughts, he’s heard them all.  

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