Thursday, May 9, 2013

Man Kind committing suicide

Man goes to war, willing to die for the cause. Call him a martyr. Monk self immolates in front of the Chinese embassy in Tibet, martyr. Man goes over the top, world war one, faces certain death, hero, old man can’t face life without his deceased wife, kills himself instead, criminal. Suicide is growing all over the world. Rate of suicide in the United States is 20% higher than in Europe. Experts everywhere, governments provide resources, spin doctors mouth off. We all know folks who killed themselves. We all know the systems we live under are chronically sick, I hope God most high is listening to this, and does something about it and quick. Sad stories we hear them all, Gun slaughters every second day of the week, nothing is ever done about it, young people read these stories too, children hear about them, you can let them do that, is there a scintilla of wisdom out there cause this news of disaster is making me wonder, what is going on, would God most high enlighten me please, and deliver on his word to make this world better, remove those tyrants and their sycophants from power, does he not realize the harm this is causing, it’s gone viral and soon we’ll all be sick, I know we’ve been warned and that we get the chance every morning, to make that choice, if I was a honey bee, just imagine it, flower to flower, no honey anymore, eventually I’d give up buzzing around, so what do you think of that, no warning at all, yeah, and we continue on the route the Titanic was on, eye eye captain, lucky to win those tickets for that free cruise honey. Years later at the bottom of the ocean, two dreary souls have all the time in the world, looking around and never seeing anything new, reminds me of those couch potatoes clicking through the channels, looking for something to excite them get them up, sounds familiar?

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