Friday, May 3, 2013

the waiting

I set out today trying to do it the right way, no fuel in my car that was just the way, I took the decision  I knew others wouldn't take, made mistakes cause I didn't have time to waste, wanted to see the change give love a new push up the ladder, so off I went my mind made up went with confidence and certainty, got to my chosen place like I knew before it was all about community, ignored their rules whatever the cost, saw the happy faces that left me in no doubt, did what I was asked to do and didn't complain or blow it up, then went on my way and headed back to town, once there I knew my signs were looking up, went about the work and just knew what to say and it happened again and again like many times before, the presence that I asked for was exactly what I proposed, so what said a friend who awakened old fields of fear, afraid of what I wondered, it made me feel so damn poor, I guess the power of the evil one lives just about everywhere, it’s tragic but it’s real but we listen closely when the news is bad, were so damned used to negative thought it’s like those bags of old fear stored up, and it goes on and on and nobody seems to notice, not the clergy or their supporters it’s control they want, and I wonder if they have ever loved at all, or were they so let down by others they gave everything up, and now the well of love and hope is empty to them as well, then I think about the children and the sexual problems they have, abuse to abuse age is no longer of great importance, it’s only when the chips are down do we know of the relevance, when it’s too damn late when all we have is complete waste. I can feel a storm coming and it’s not going to be soothing, but afterwards you’ll see it different when you've lost almost everything, then you’ll listen cause you’ll have little else to do, I’m just trying to wake you all up from this sleep of destiny, can’t you hear it coming can’t you see the change, what do you need to see to make the right moves, it’s over this old world of ours were at the new point in time, I just hope you wake up soon cause the waiting wont be for long, amen.

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