Monday, May 20, 2013

tempting Fate

Clouds speak, it’s happening, stars move, places shine brightly, others in the dark, the secret is out, God responds, acts of the heart, nothing else check mate. Dubious prayers from cold hearts, last minute requests, sounds serious, the eleventh hour, were long past that, it’s the harvest of souls, politicians babble,  among the rot, anything I can do, can you hear, tempters inquire further, evil worshipers everywhere, looking for the cure, the plague of the light, plague you can’t be serious, night follows day, truth was kept in the dark, then came the light, woke the souls of the living, world suddenly came right. Screams of horror, not noticed the change, have you not seen, the tender side of the news, the new pope even, a mixture of Che and JFK, the rapid advances in Dubai, the Chinese dragon’s rise, collapse of the monetary system worldwide, the assault on the tax shelters, attempts to create nuclear war, and the concern about children worldwide.
Sexual imagery plays all day, on the mind of the young, so does violence, remember that school shooting, the avalanche of counseling services provided, total shambolic attitude not changed a thing, bull doesn't work, fools nobody wise, might score brownie points, with the dullards and the mind, nobody creates no concern, ask the internet vice kings, could have been prevented, too much money invested therein, those gambling channels they advertise night and day, more honesty in a crack dealer, more love in an honest whore, there was a politician once, no surprises there, like that Afghani opium crop they are always screaming about, could have bought the lot for a song, still could to this day, same with cocaine, too much interest in keeping the problem global, excuse to meet up for everyone, as simple as that, heaven is simple as well. Actions of heart so rare, there will be loads of room as they say, in the fathers house come the day, you have heard the truth, I’m sure being human, be all forgotten by the end of a day. Cynical you might say, ask the billion porn users, and how great they love, might keep them busy under the sheets, but that’s about all. want to improve the world, start with yourself, begin to love really, put ego aside don’t be too late, yesterday would have been a start, today a day too late, but never too late to try, never too late to tempt fate.

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