Friday, May 10, 2013

number 1

Ideas for a better world, never seem to come to anything, and I’m not talking about the water supply getting better, or oil getting less expensive, or more jobs, nothing like that, they are all cosmetic changes really. As soon as the idea becomes a real business option and can be exploited, it will, it has, and like the record numbers of gun sales in America since the sandy hook tragedy, our concentration does not seem to last, we addict ourselves too easily, for varieties of reasons, too long to list, I’d say you prefer to see an analyst, who listens to free advice anyway, very few of us. But if there was one great change, and I mean a change of earthquake and tsunami proportions combined, it would be this. Our capacity to consume knows no bounds and in reality, we are not that concerned for the plight of the poor elderly under privileged or uneducated, we cope with these problems, providing minimum comforts, and then forgetting the problem altogether, as we get on with our own concerns, but in the entire world, if we were to get a chance to redeem our seriously tarnished reputations, as we need to, we can’t claim ignorance in the internet times we live by, we can’t claim to be too busy either, and knowing that God is very real, apart from the usual argument for closing down all the off shore tax havens, i.e. taxing them out of existence, which will never happen, as all countries are tax havens if you can afford the expensive lawyers and accountants, lets be honest and not fool ourselves, but if one idea was to change the world for all time and for the betterment of humanity, the hungry, the poor, and the young, it would be the following, and this is possible and implementable and very possible, and in the event that a huge tragedy of epic and biblical proportions were to affect us all, and very soon potentially, as no one knows only our creator, or those alien addictions we live with,  who live among us already, but if one idea was to be made happen, it could save the planet from potential doom, and restore us to God’s favour, it would be this; put a limit on greed, and enforce it globally, make it number 1. When we reach a certain number, time will cease, do we want time with family, or pleasure, a decision has to be made, and time is closing in fast, options are limited, action has to occur swiftly, no cheating no fooling, this is more real than you can ever imagine. Where’s the valium!

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