Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day in the life of a president

Barack someone here to see you
Michelle waltzes in, fawns,
just got asked to do home cooking,
cooking laughs Barack ,
tucking into his low calorie celebrity managed roast
If you cook this well I’m not surprised honey
it’s because you’re the presidents girl he sighs
while sipping some French burgundy,
if you want  I’ll even make a guest appearance
I’m sure the TV editor will go for that
Honey Bear you are great with those ideas,
how come the world is so messed up,
don’t you want to think about that
For you michelle I’d do anything
Barack breaks into song,
secret service comes rushing in
thought their was an intruder sir,
tut tut quips michelle,
soon the boys are gone.
back to the TV show dear,
if you like I’ll make a baked Alaska
hahaha laughs Barack  palin insignificance
hahahaha. Alaska is baking again
your not supposed to laugh smiles Barack
I’m the woman behind the man answers michelle
tears of laughter rushing down her face
who actually made this dinner michelle,
it’s the best I ever had,
had it flown in from Vegas this time,
you remember  the pudding they flew in last week
you loved that as well. Hahahahaha
meanwhile down the street a little boy suckles
his mother’s dried up breast,
suckles for all he’s worth,
it’s only miles away you see,
sure you’ll hear about it next week
I thought he had courage quips God
looking down with St.Peter from a cloud
in the beginning they are like children
when they grow up it’s hard to tell.

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