Friday, August 2, 2013

don't compromise

screams and cries hear the pleading, the call of vengance echo's throughout the world, constitutions manufactured, the Great God Most High, he sees the deception no one is going to fool him again, he will deal with the evil one's head on. Seeds are sown hoping to undermine, traitors and friends scheme in the background, God Most High watches closely, sends down the angels, into their arms he holds us safely, the battle begins the words fly,  the book of the living opens in the skies, God Most High lets out a smile, friends
and those to trust are in short supply, he sends down wisdom to prop up their efforts, the horses run faster the results speak for themselves,  salvation has arrived in the city, they have learned to love again, their wicked plans are in pieces, that's the way it is smiles God to himself, it was a close horse race, but it's the thrill that encourages the seekers, just climbing the mountain, a little higher up a hand reaches,it was you he smiles as he stands on the peak of it, a lot of trouble in the valley, de dum de dum de dum dum dee, great ideas come in well wrapped secrets, amen. No one is blameless here, the watchers and the beers, the world is a gift, not a playground for your every want, the book of revelations is being played out, evil on the run again no where to stand, God Most High sends his warriors in pursuit, no compromise no second takes.

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