Tuesday, August 13, 2013

evil comes and goes

evil comes evil goes where it goes nobody knows, person to person like a disease, it establishes a presence and from there it flows, going round and round in circles, like an anonymous waterfall, once it gets you then your in flow, hard to move once it's stuck in, there is one thing everyone ought to know about evil, it can be cured and it's not a lost cause, only one solution to the cure i can certify, it's called the creation of pure love and it's really that simple, problem being does true love exist in a world that loves itself, when your more interested in the reflection in the mirror, i'm important cause i sound  like that, have friends who talk to me and make me feel important, because because, there is no because in the cause of true love, it's time you got your head straight and tried to work it out, i'm busy the car needs to be cleaned, i'm busy look somewhere else don't ask me, anyone out there willing to take the extra steps necessary, probably possibly maybe well not entirely, that's the problem of true love, the excuses we come up with to stop us doing good, well,  if this is the time of great judgement and i'm fairly sure about that, seen the clouds the stars and the magic of the young, it's time we got together to come up with a cure for all of this, to make sure this war is won, any ideas, still eating pizza wondering, have a sandwich instead, there's a que at the pearly gates, i'm getting in so am i, you must have created a lot of true love, nothing wrong with that.

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