Saturday, August 10, 2013

why put up with it

The only hope he saw, a total re birth of human beliefs. Families that stay together pray together, can be blown apart together. If the seed of reason can be planted, can he harvested too. reason had to listen, listening, meant using the brain. listening to the gods of war, explain themselves on the TV, trying to appear reasoned, putting on a show, hoping to impress, all of them well educated, intellectuals, harry couldn't see how they were all men, no women, were people like sheep, as the bible says. The rules of social engagement, children were to be brought up in the religion of the husband, the list went on and on. With men so unreliable, it didn't make sense putting them under more pressure. And women were the property of the husband and children too, till all were dead. Education of the woman, she might learn to think for herself. The list of funny and odd rules, used to control women made interesting TV too. The program was Swedish made. All religions he concluded, found it necessary to control the woman. Women must be thick concluded harry, for putting up with all these rules.

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