Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Self Termination

Media frenzy knives are out, children starve, saints cry out, how much more a judge remarks, what God asks, media details spill everywhere,  answer the righteous call, 200,000 more childhoods lost, devil wins  souls become ghosts, media move  to the next spring, more than one it is a ring,  God opens the books of the living and the dead, no media personnel  entries at all therein.
Your right shouts the crowd, God looks down, this zealot lot, they encourage the inhuman, don't think this is going to go on for ever. A flea in your ear, be merciful cries the priests,  have they been reading their minds or their hearts, crowd gather momentum the cries intensify,  a good legal team can disguise, St.Peter shakes his head the master is tired, the last time he saw that look a nation expired, the right termination is what it’s all about
Young pregnant girl no one notices, baby inside hears the hatred, kicks his little leg her stomach pouts, lonely and poor she heads for shelter, inside they advice her, it’s only a baby, he goes quite they are demons he’s small,  a face just a pair of eyes, kindness she begins to go towards it, it’s his right speaks the angel pointing down, her tummy jumps inside baby smiles,  your winning winks peter see’s the tear in her eye, the baby brings a lasting joy to the eye of the lord, sixteen weeks then why not that, lord shakes his head will they ever give it up, baby makes three can read and write, he’s in the school choir he sings all night, it’s a mothers right screams the crowd all night, terminate, it's our right.

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