Tuesday, August 20, 2013

last legs for Egypt

don’t need indoctrination misinformation or distraction,  don’t need to pretend that one day someone  honest will come along, when everything will be made right I’m not that child that needs resuscitation, just one who came along to see what was really going on, waited for inspiration and the gobbled news carriers sweet suggestion, delayed the moment of escape and determination of God most high who waits,  told to believe in the faith the love that took centuries to create, watched victims hyperventilating at those groups we call political hero’s , who sold our position like those same wall street finance cheaters, father brother  mother sister teacher and communicator, I deal with evil that is strangling civilization can’t afford to wait much longer, and this is just an introduction a petition of sorts, and it’s the first of many I have made without condition

God answered with wisdom told me of the written works, the myriad of beliefs that we grew up with all from confrontation, he asked for love we responded with power and fierce determination, overcame other nations without mercy or any such emotion, our faith in similar type situations meant war for all occasions, hatred grew from all this confrontation, and today we are united he says, not by love but by the fear of self immolation. Blessings stored for us like a farmer for future exploration, he  could not let the gifts flow in the planned distribution, we more interested in our personal reputations and some legal interpretation, self made to self we prayed the hungry of the world offering proof of this sad degeneration .

Many  prophets were sent down to bring hope joy opportunity and blessings all in magnificent amounts, all betrayed by those zealot types and those of political persuasion,  I work through the heart he said and the heart cannot be trusted anymore, there is nothing I can do about it if the heart does not conform,  like so many who went before to whom the gift was given, all they thought of was how to overcome all that was divine for some other interpretation. Egypt Syria and most of the world today, chaos runs the system while you just tag along, all because we turned our back on love, it’s the only explanation.

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