Sunday, August 4, 2013

excuses please

ceilings  caving in, no boundaries to stop you, only  fear you carry with you, put it down  pick up the baton, love is on the march, evil and all it's friends are frightful, they have seen mighty signs in the sky, they know they'll be measured and justice will be divine, so warriors, remain calm keep the heads, don't be moved by sad stories, don't be led down dark lanes, God Most High is well aware, awakened, and does not like the way love has been battered and bruised, he's taking those responsible to task, the truly faithful can all rejoice, everyone knows as leonard says, the fundamental opening of the heart has occurred, feed the love that escorts your soul, times will be good for ever, blessings to Gerry, a close friend, may he rest in peace.
and they want to send Bradley manning and Edward Snowden off to somewhere safe, safe from being asked questions, afraid of the truth, afraid their network will be revealed, afraid of what you ask, your children will be asking you this in years to come, where were you when brad and ed were in trouble, excuses please.

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