Tuesday, August 6, 2013


long distance, miles away, can't hear them, but we can see them, day and night,  wonder what is going on, agents of the soul compete,   sublime the plans of the evil ones, though tainted by their lies and the disguise, track records go a long way back, late night meetings the surreal romance, and the common interest being, the development and growth of evil and control, the last hope of those who have committed their souls, not to justice love and all that is godly, but to the ways of the evil doer and the promises that he made boldly. young minds are easy to fluster, but they get the chance to see through, when the last bell is called and it's your time, all will be clear and  the one they decided to trust in, as God Most High is aware of all plans, he will surely thwart those that attempt to destroy faith and trust in love, no matter the consequences therein.
and why is Australia long distance close or next door, to remind us of those near to us, your neighbor is a lot nearer than you think.

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