Friday, August 16, 2013

lost generation

the descent into madness springs to mind when thoughts of frenzied people stir up trouble for all mankind, from the spin doctors charades and their attempts to fool the people and everyone around, the political class and all their derivatives and the games they like to play, all an attempt to undermine hoping you wont care, no wonder there is a lost generation who seek to find but end up as prey
we'll fix it they say we have another plan the situation isn't lost, it's just the same old story empty promises that always go astray, the lies they like to feed to us the endless hours we pray, why can't they just be honest with us and tell it as it is, keeping people in the dark is the same as being led astray, and we wonder about the lost generation why wonder is all i say
it was revealed many many years ago of the fate that awaits us all, some thought it was a comic book exercise to some it means an awful lot more, but the day of judgement isn't story book reading if it's to the clouds you gaze, it's the deeds we done and the troubles to which we succumb that'll deliver or save us no other way, otherwise there will be a truly lost generation and by lost i mean dismay

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