Thursday, August 1, 2013

on the run

it's happened, the light has broken through, the emptiness of the heart is no more, God Most High listens kindly to all prayers, think in love and you will over come, put aside the fear and the terror hidden, the stories forbidden the trouble that will unfold, together we can keep the light, alone we live in dark and without light, where the depths of evil lie waiting, reminding you of all the entitlements and your pension plan, somebody must pay for this, otherwise I'm just an only man, and so the story goes, the masters  of evil, the world under their control, no longer able to silence the people, keeping them alienated in fear and without hope, then the light brakes through, no time to panic or celebrate  yet, just keep the heart strings long, and your mind full of all that is right, God Most High is listening closely, everything is going to be all right, believe!.

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