Sunday, July 28, 2013

open hearted surgery

cries alarm bells nuclear reactions storms, there's a rage going on in the world of the dead, suddenly the entire world is alive, check out the weather follow the sky, act  when we see a hungry beggar or a child in need, don't turn away and hope the eyes don't meet,  we fear the guilt we take with us. open heart surgery needed the world over, could be you today think about it, be prepared for the great and holy change, the battle between good and evil roars on, tactics of all description being used widely, like those chemical weapons they used in syria iraq, including cover ups that are not for mention, open hearts don't give up, God Most High is aware of the most devilish plans, and is not too impressed with the harm  done, so open those hearts and remain sound, no matter what they try against you, God Most High always wins, it just happens to be harvest time again, and the change eternal that it brings, so endure to the end and see the glory unfold, amen.

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