Tuesday, July 2, 2013

seen a good crisis lately

World is shrinking, the heart isn’t thinking, less love few safe places, crisis the norm, people hardly notice, much trouble around, wisdom on the run, pornography main stream, it’s only fun, does she do that, much respected, truth will disappear, ask Edward snowden,  wars fought widely, populations on their feet, corrupt politicians pollute,  we reward them well, celebrities mouth off,  don’t you think, here’s a nice pic, teachers on the valium, arctic in meltdown, bee’s in hiding, air too dirty, nothing been done, sound bytes lectures crisp speeches, Hollywood script writer appeal, pure fantasy explodes, president Obama meets school kids, education going nowhere, of their law we have become, the oceans are rising, third of the earth starving, women sexualized everywhere, recipe for disaster, marriages in trouble, record use of pharmaceutical drugs, divorce almost mandatory, soldiers drugged to war. There was a time, a crisis was a crisis, now it’s a crisis everyday, last days of the roman empire,  a good interpretation of it all, facebook likes click this click that, inbox full of unread emails, one pair of eyes a thousand pitfalls, mention the gambling channels, promoted day and night, what’s going on, a foundation to raise your children upon, mobile pornography lessons, gambling with a click, want to have an affair, plenty of that about,  the answer to our prayers, cocaine at the end of a line, the rampant addiction of the worlds minds, too drugged to do anything, the horrendous situation we dwell in. sounds pretty damning if true, surely none of it makes sense, after all, governments spy on everyone everywhere, not just the U.S.A, any brains in the class room, little boy raises his hands, they spy on us cause they like us, nope young man, that’s not the answer, I wish it was so, anyone else,  little girl raises her hand, cause they are afraid of us, closer, anyone else asks teacher, somebody must know why they spy on us, to prevent terror attacks sir, nope, that’s the excuse they use, prevent terror prevent war, nope, one more, has to be one more, little boy raises his hands, cause they want to know what we are doing, correct, they just want to control us all, and the more they know you, the more they can disturb you, some call it national security, others call it self preservation, the wisdom of the world, calls it control, like conditional love itself, once it’s conditional, its’ not love at all, it looks like it, tastes like it, but unlike real love, it’s controlled, like animals in the zoo. Harrison ford, blade runner, at least tom cruise got it right, when he called his latest movie, oblivion, it’s where we are all heading, unless we start working together now. In my humble opinion, the world is being judged, from the heavens, I’ve seen the circular cloud, the stars come out, the miracle events, this is nothing short of Armageddon, why do you think the international space station exists, so we can go and visit. And they built it using our money, time to act don’t you think, cause when true love dies, it’s the end inside, and the end of this marvelous life, amen.

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