Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chemically Addicted Egyptian Style

Bob Dylan wrote about it, Neil Young croaked about it, the elite are building space ships in the hope of escaping it, and even Charles Manson knows it, and the young people of the world, the wall street protesters, the Arab spring converses, it’s as obvious as a bright light on a darkened night, maybe it’s time we did something about it, cause there is no looking back in anger, cause there will be nothing in front of you to look forward to, or any which way you look, as clint eastwood might describe it, unless there is a sudden change of direction. A catastrophe awaits, maybe you live on hurricane alley already and are used to it. Unless there is a change of heart as Leonard Cohen sings, and millions of others down the century, we are facing a dead end. There is a cure, the money virus has caught the attention of the world, what’s in it for me, true love in action, sweet kind and thoughtful of others, yeah, look in the mirror and try to hide your smile. We’re just trying to survive you say, well so are the bees.
Sterile males, happening all ready, the sperm whales in decline, bees hiding, afraid of coming out, time to stand up, say it as it is, the Kingdom of God has connected with the earth, the time of great change is upon us, we pushed matters to the brink, so we better come up with something, not a word, action, an opening of the human heart like never before. I’ve often recited, I’m bored saying it, my sister wants to put me on medication for it, and as Edward Snowden already knows, and hosts of others who don’t even know their lives have been interfered with, those who wish to speak the truth, face very challenging circumstances. I saw the cloud, da Vinci’s painting in the sky, the circle of completeness, and , many other things besides, too long to mention, you’ll probably be seeking porn soon I imagine, or seeking some kind of something, as I can see you are already bored, where is he going with this, he’s ranting and raving, but this I have no doubt, the times they are a changing, and unless we stop becoming chemically dependent, there can be no other way. I  hear old friends laughing their heads off, but when you live in a world, where it’s considered more important to have a drug that makes your weaner stand out rather than your love, it means one thing, we are heading for a big let down as they say. Evil does not reside well in the company of love, I’ve proved this thousands of times, and it usually scampers once it knows what is going on, unless they can control you. It’s why people out there like to make you dependent upon them, gives them a certain authority and power over you, sane, same as the care given to women for all those thousands of years, the bastions of the hope and reality of love, where men were entrusted in keeping them safe and cherished, but managed to get control over them as well. You wonder why so many women have gone off men, check the  porn habit for a start, it kind of kills the I love you moment, when you are thinking of that other girl in your head, hard to get over, cant’ get going until you turnover, drop a blue one or a yellow, suddenly your back in your stride, keep it going baby, no feeling just a discharge.

Didn’t I don well, she looks at him, feeling so lonely inside, if only he told me that he loved me, I mightn’t believe him, but I’d immediately feel better. A common thought hidden in the minds of so many who try to love. And all the books of scripture, wrote to confuse you I suppose, those ancient temples and places across the world, the ones they are unearthing as I write this, they give you a chance at the eleventh hour, to rethink, and take the narrow road as well, amen. Doesn’t the current state of the world, remind you of the arrogance of the Egyptian Empire of old, and you know where they went. Even Barack would look good in a pharaoh suit. 

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  1. lINKING PICASSO TO THIS GIBBERISH--TRAST, IS RIDICILIOUS. Joining in Bob Dylan, L. Cohen and Charles Manson,(the lunatic), Clint Eastwood, God, the Devil, even the Fxxxing bees, etc etc as well, all lumped together. This Paddy Forest Gump left out Elvis. Elvis must have insulted Paddy gump Picasso to have left him out. This insignificant lunatic is seduced by himself and seems intent in peddling VERBAL TRAST.