Monday, July 1, 2013

special report

Wow, one of those shows,  perfectly spoken, bleached white teeth, and smiles to dye for, questions asked questions answered, conclusions, a lot done more to do, last word  expert opinion, that’s a rap, applauds for presenter, remarkably insightful, two years later, special report, everyone perfectly spoken,  in the meantime, everyone forgetful, that’s a crap full, year later, experts a little older, make up a little bolder, web site address whips across the screen, spin doctors advice taken, make it look like it, it’s really that simple, no no shouts spin queen,  never work with people so vain, circle keeps going round and round, same crew same presenter same expert opinion, special report where are you, let me take you out of the dust cover, they run out of ideas to spend the money on. And you wonder,  the world is bungee jumping out of control, new order needed, God Most High has heard the screams, doesn't like getting his ear bitten off, they don't seem but are getting louder, doesn't like it when children grow up too fast either, nothing special in that report, been like this for years, special report where are you. 
All over again, the same images appear, the same melancholy look, world leaders ponder give opinion, Mandela was such a leader, new story special report later, and it's getting louder and louder, across the world people scream and shout, cause we ignored those special reports, and it's disaster for so many, anyone home, can we blame the aliens again, special reports required, and its spin and spin louder, till they drown out the noise, peace and concentration camps, sounds like old times, special report required for all the madness going on.

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