Sunday, June 30, 2013

why spying is good for the economy

You are being bullied and you don’t know what to do, unsure about the action to take. Your life in being undermined, events happen that affect you, caused by others, and you are not aware of it, you think your going crazy, even your friends think your barmy. You have to deal with a menace that makes you fearful for your own sake and the well being of your family. You’ve lost control of your home, the children dictate, you feel powerless, your dealing with an addiction, past or present, and others know your weak points, you feel vulnerable. Situations are being created by someone you know in order to take control of you or to deceive you .A friend you do not like or respect suddenly appears at your door, a godsend you think, but it happens over and over. Your in business, having a crisis, cash flow is slow, your new best friend arrives offering you help. The bank manager cuts your overdraft without warning, at a vital time, when your most vulnerable. The loan you thought was long term is called in when you needed it, just as you were about to conclude a deal to expand your business. it's only spying dear, i know what you did last night.

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