Monday, June 10, 2013

edward snowden

brave young man,  thoughts of goodness, decides to do the right thing, and expose all the spying on us, he saw that happened,  treatment handed out to the whistleblower, decided to take a stand, he made his mind up, to use all the information they know, made a dashing escape to freedom, to tell the truth to us all, so. does that not remind you,  the young child at home, who has no where to go, but terrified to do anything, on account of the lack of support. this has happened to many whistleblowers, and most of whom we dont even know about, so we should try to imagine that young child, and put ourselves in his shoes. given the corruption of the human mind, it's easy to see rich uncle fred, getting the information he needs about you or me, control if you want, over any one of us. that's a god thought for the bed, who is spying on us, do they know our internet history, are we being data mined as well, seems to me  it's nothing new, and has been going on for ages,  war and famine and sexual exploitation, now the government has you internet history too, what a scary reality. the good news is, because of edward snowden, bradley manning and many others, we are better informed too.

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