Monday, June 10, 2013

another honest man monday

Another manic Monday,  Washington,  truth has escaped again, where has it gone.
Is it the wedding feast of the lamb. Pandemonium a word you don’t hear too often.
describes the mind of the controlling set, they are about to get seriously upset, amen. God Most High is at it again, David has conquered Goliath, read on, or pop a few more valiums, or whatever is the medication you are on, bullying, abusing, whatever. If you think parenting skills will save you, the german high command of world war two, felt the same way too, and deemed great respective parents as well.
Triumph of truth over fear, new revelations appear, man with a conscience, on the run again, from who you might ask, those that prefer to hide behind organization, not unlike those old roman legions, well organized amid confusion, stole a march on the so called heathen,  ceasar’s palace no longer a safe haven, as the truth gets an opening, the light that breaks through, the power of an eternal God, who gives wisdom to prophets, warns us of the hell that awaits us, unless we mend our ways in private, not the spin that we often argue.
many wars unnecessary, millions living in abject poverty, not our problem I hear you say, tell that to the mothers, may I remind you, he hears every thought as well, stomach cramps.
United Nations world bank titan corporations, game is up, the time of the Lord has arrived, justice will be served in fine detail, like a five star meal you so often enjoy, with service only a lawyer could dream up, like those special insurance contracts,  didn’t know you could get cover for that.
Dismantling a system takes time, ask your local nuclear power plant operator, too many innocent people mixed up in it, unaware of the conspiracy going on, behind the scenes the click of a dream, evil ones can be turned into babbling minds, it’s happening globally for all to see, large numbers of respected folk, making complete fools of themselves, waking in the middle of the night, bodies covered in sweat nightmares coming through, seeds they sowed prove an easy harvest, weeds aplenty hope renewed, the day of reckoning is upon us.
many reputable people their character destroyed, so many the world has already forgot, be glad if you are one of the few, God Most High hears every call, and his wisdom is greater than biggest computer on view, most powerful weapon in the entire universe, truth, sad that we try to contain the view, rather than learn from the past, like the day they assassinated Che Guevara, Martin Luther king, burned Joan of Arc alive at the stake, butchered the Cathars of France, all those centuries ago, the mindless war in Iraq, the demonization of many nations, cause they didn’t agree with your view. Long live the truth and protection Lord please, to all on the planet, who try to promote all that is good, no matter what religion race or sect they represent. Thankfully, this game of chess, where the heart strings were pulled and jerked about, so abused by those in the know, who used secret knowledge to built empires and all that sort, no longer curries favor in heavens view, a long time coming as BobDylan would say, a hurricane, get used to it, but the truth stands out, like running water in a desert, and it’s arrived in such a way, that those who tried to undermine wisdom, are going to have an eternal view, of the hardship and despair they sowed. Having seen the cloud, the changing sky, the lifting up of new voices, not to mention the many miracles and there’s been a few, the efforts of governments to hide the truth, chaos that is more a pandemic than the pornographic rage that fills the minds of so many, in particular the young, it’s there in black and white, the internet was the final frontier, and the numbers don’t lie ask your bank manager if your unsure, or those who collect internet data, even they can’t come to terms with, the addictive nature of the human mind created, what do you think is going to be the outcome, to all this, a minority report, just kidding, perhaps Tom Cruise was right, women are from mars, men are from some other planet, captain kirk and spock, imagine having to rely on an alien for wisdom, and you thought you were  so clever, when the truth was presented to you in black and white, print.

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