Monday, June 3, 2013

couching tigers

honey darling, the news is on, choose your destiny, earthquake, war,  exploitation of children, rioting in Greece, massacres in Syria, scroll the list dear, seeking a celebrity, no one seems to fit, back to war, ad break, rush to the kitchen, stuff a sambo together, ooops forgot the salt, they promised us a repeat of that bomb explosion last week, did you see it, blood everywhere, look great in a movie, so realistic, shit i spilled some mayo on the carpet, they really cut that guys head off, beasts, feck, I've got to see the dentist next week, somebody ought to do something about that war, explosion in Baghdad, 37 killed over a hundred injured, the caption keeps repeating across the screen, come on hurry up, want to see if tiger won this week, is there a TV station out there that does just news, waiting to be entertained is boring, worse than watching trailers at a .., live news report, women screaming, children in despair, over what, just a mangled car on a street, boring, saw it before, UN can't intervene, says the spokesman, some regulation thing, domestic violence no concern of theirs, if on the other hand another nation tried to blow them up with a car bomb, that would be an international incident, borders, used to be legal to rape your wife, still legal in some places, amazing what you learn sitting on the couch, normal to sexualize children too, the violent thingee, they can join the army for that. goodnight honey he shouts, he listens as she climbs the stairs, waits till the bedroom door closes. listens to her feet on the bathroom tiles. presses the button, family guy, at last, news you can relate to, not again, ad break, click the news, Iraq again, the war they won all those years ago.

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