Tuesday, June 4, 2013

do something stupid

Mind filled with images that trap, radar dimmed by horrible scars, revenge everywhere we’ll sort them out, an attack on the roman empire, resort to training hold and contain, justice is swift and soon were back, on the beat, they’ll never get rid of us, we swear, off we go again, try to exploit some more, women and children well used to that, and this is the cycle of life, been like this for years, relentlessly we battle with our fears, defiant we fight back tears, stubborn like we've always been, Stubborn till the end.
can’t understand, neighbor hates me, can’t understand, did I upset him, can’t understand our leaders fail me, better wake up before the truth overtakes me, wonder if God will have the patience to save me, can’t understand, the young don’t trust me, wonder if it’s anything to do with the way I gaze at them, wonder if the valium will kill or save me, wonder if there is one honest voice, wonder if an agent will help or fail me.

Expert opinion fast spin, doctor he’s an expert of the heart, no such thing and here’s reason why, can experts explain before they start, great afterwards telling us why, why the world  is on  the brink, the experts will save me, fools believe in those who respond to crisis, with clarity and alarm, like they are prepared, like that invasion of Iraq, the military machine primed and ready, purely by accident, like an upset stomach, yet they keep rolling out these experts, like old china in your mothers fancy  display case, for special occasions when we need that expert part, like the big Hollywood name on the billboard, at least you take a look, and it goes on and on while small tummies quake all over the place, do you know what it’s like to starve yet, didn’t think so. Well stop wondering about it, do something stupid!.

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