Saturday, June 22, 2013

alarm goes off

Alarm goes off, hour to prepare, then she’ll be there, slippers off showers, hissing lasts five minutes, into the kitchen she storms, buttons, cups, bread, orange juice, coffee, five minutes, she’s dressed ready to leave, races down the stairs, taxi waiting she hops in, half an hour in the gym before she goes in. I have left out the thirty two times she checked her twitter account, and updated her facebook status page, we are all that important. Hi mary, she hears it about sixteen times till she reaches her desk. Mound of post before her, she’s an agony aunt. A perfect life to you, no children yet, not seeing anyone, over paid and job easy, connections to the rich and wealthy, her father owns a yacht, goes to gym five times weekly, does a very light work too, she’s going to advise you  to stay young and organize life, she’s had no experience of real living at all…silence, sounds like..the blind leading the stupid and blind..going places ..

Morning work plan, keep busy pay the rent qualify for health care pension plan sounds like something to get worked up about, forty years later you’ll have all the time in the world to look back..alarm goes off it’s the kid next door he’s shouting and crying you've heard it all before, turn the music up cause it ain’t fair listening to him roar, stuff, it just happens I hear them say, why the silence..alarm goes off a new explosion on TV, time to vent emotions not at home but overseas, close  home emotions  turn to anger, so put it all together and work this out,  like that washed up celebrity that tries to reinvent itself, twitter everyone is on twitter seems like you need no brains to be on twitter, so it seems, just chasing trends and those that blind us further, putting out fires that don’t seem to matter, but get you the headlines you like, bravo another victory, new toilets in the school at last, the local economy in tatters, cheer's time the alarm went off

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