Monday, June 24, 2013

start again

Every character flawed, the cast is global, why expect perfection, religion is biased, why is it a problem. Everything except nature, made, carved out of ideas, and when nature goes astray, mankind at work. We grab issues, just to keep in the game, start a protest for this, a week later it’s something else, moving the process on, opening the minds, of those who were closed, the reason why, the world is changing faster, now than ever before, it’s called communications. the click of a mouse, we are in the conflict zone, for the hit we can even use a drone, star wars nice distraction, using communications to start wars, that takes talent, nosier when everybody knows what is actually going on. It’s the fox in the hen house all over again, except the hens are armed this time. There are flaws in everything; the United States government thought it could buy off the recession, like gambling on the roulette table, hoping that numbers comes up. Arab countries of the Islamic tradition, facing war from any number of religious mostly Islamic, all seeking power. Half the world’s population live in poverty. The arms industry thrives. It’s legal to get out of your mind using prescribed medication, long term usage affects, they invent another brand instead, and the short term, so many use these pills they all keep quiet about it. Any valiums dear, Prozac will do, even a few sleepers, even the child who can’t handle, internet TV mobile phone social trending exercise friends not forgetting porn, they have specially prescribed pills. Sounds like one massive con. You name it they have a pill for that. In tax shelters, theft is legal, your money lies over the ocean so to speak. Companies cheat legally too. pretending everything is going to be all right, just because you have security, they had that in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan Vietnam Congo Zimbabwe Greece and many other places too. It’s time to start over again, and this of course calls for a plan. It’s time to turn our obsessions into something productive, love into actions, education into wisdom, and hope into reality. A new world order is called for, rooted in the hearts, not rooted in laws.

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