Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Robin Hood

Something going on over there, send some planes to Iraq sir, plenty of whistle blowers over there, we have plenty of spares, munitions industry can’t believe their luck, wars going on everywhere, Swiss bank accounts swinging again, thought they were going to do something about that, transparency they call it, it’s a drink you take, makes you forget everything, not another whistle blower, more ravenous that those termite invasions we experienced in New York, do you think, pension fund gets in on the act, finance required for another democratic republic, lions share of the peoples resources, wasn’t theirs, anyway we found it, like raiding your handbag, beginners look, hedge funds can’t get near the action, all of them foaming at the mouth, white stuff pouring out, there has to be an angle, can’t we bribe anyone, the CIA they have contacts there, so do the Russians sir they got in first, oil copper gold diamonds, can’t we sell their children too, I want some of it screams the mafia news king, did someone mention young girls, don’t we own the pension fund senor, and the pilfering goes on, stealing using lawyers opinions for safe keeping, parade of vultures of the human kind, and this is what they offer thinks God looking on, what a surprise they will be receiving if they don’t remedy this instantly, free will, perhaps I was generous, private jet full of war zone business men drops from the sky, were going down screams the arms dealer I didn't deserve this, neither did the mineral rich countries you turned into a business, destroying hope innocence love and everything good with it, pity they never think in advance before they rob you, well there was only ever one Robin Hood.

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