Thursday, June 6, 2013

waiting for a hurricane

Celebrityitis, farmed chicken farmed children, the

Disease of epic proportions, sweeping through the world

the disease of a lifetime, every dogs a lassie, children

imitate centrefolds, they like being watched, get over it

dudes, damn it all why bother, your in a wheelchair,


mentally crippled, a little terrified, you should be,

Immerse yourself in alcohol, lie to your children,

take cocaine, as much as you can, photograph

everyone, the neighbors too, they're annoying,

future is wonderful, amazon is healthy, are your

children, your neighbour thinks so, the sex industry

booms, Lend money to your bank, make them smile,

take sailing lessons, buy a boat, waters are rising,

is the global temperature, global warming or global

warning, why worry, end it all, now, the future is gold,

jump from a building, seen it on TV, blame your therapist

instead, blame God, did I say that, it’s like waiting for a


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