Wednesday, June 12, 2013

freedom freedom freedom

Freedom freedom freedom, cry is worldwide, excuses used by superpowers, to invade everywhere, politicians offer asylum, children all look stunned, all of them wondering, what is going on, jailed for telling the truth, these are people here, outrage shouts the media, this is not fair, arm and defend them, the louder the call, it’s been heard everywhere, don’t tell Bradley manning, Edward snowden is in hiding, martin luther king assassinated, and so many others, why such fear of the truth, conspiracies and theories probably true, just don’t open your mouth, only get you wiped out, unless your friends have armies for hire. Iraq, get rid of that dictator, replace them with another one, it’s the story of south America, the power of money over right, and why should we care. Basically put, those who don’t care, never tried to help, they join forces to silence the truth, hoping they will hang onto power and it worked, for an awful long time, not going to work anymore.  busy I don’t have the time, job to get to a wife to support, children take up my time, that’s the way the world is, get used to it and grow up, cliché excuses thrown out like garbage, hoping to quell the truth within, failing that the doctor and prescription medication, at least it’s legal unlike that illegal stuff, go back to the end of the queue sir, we’ll get to your dying child next, and of course you have insurance, it’s part of the rule and regulation set, and you wonder why Edward Snowden speaks up, think of the abused child, too young to speak, only able to show discontent, with actions that stray, descent into alcohol and drug like escapes, they plan for that, special clinics to take care of that, plan, plan for all that is wrong, planning for the truth to come out, cover up no questions asked, assassination allowed by government, perhaps a promotion as well. God Most High is getting dry in the throat, heard the endless reasons and is not very pleased with that,  I’m certain the road ahead is going shaky, perhaps disappear off the radar entirely, unless we start to hear see and to act. What do you think happens when the truth is kept down, it fades and dies along with wisdom, ask you ex wife. loving the only action of interest to a loving and all powerful God, who is doing his best to shower us with wisdom, and the heart is the only place where it can rest safely, and when the heart is no longer warm to truth, supply is switched off. Edward Snowden turned on the truth indicator again, and support for him is pouring in all over, government spin doctors wont weasel their way out of this mess, for a very long time, probably never, the titans of evil are on the run, the usual cover up, it’s not working the way they planned, thank God.

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