Wednesday, June 5, 2013

computer never has a headache

I have had strange life, witnessed many things, seen with my own eyes, faces in the clouds, circles overhead. Oddly enough, standing one evening late, outside in the yard, felt a strange energy, was having a few words with the above, had a question on my mind, about the turmoil going on, all around me and the rest of you, the world of finance was melting into oblivion, countries torn apart by greed. Have we come full circle I enquired, give me a sign I pleaded, I have my doubts too, and as fearful as anyone else. I stood under the stars, said a prayer, enquired about the well being of those in need, when a late night cloud turned into a circle, a perfectly round circle overhead. question answered, the world has reached the end of an age, the collapse of institutions continues, what can we do,  the year was 2012, cannot be coincidental, it’s now 2013 and things seem even worse to me.
who rules the world, the moneyed elite their cronies, the ordinary people, who account for 99% of the  population, or God.  The bible is full of stories, great warrior nations, wealthy nations, who had the world at it’s feet only to be destroyed, usually through avarice, greed, lust etc. true stories, have you seen the pyramids of Egypt, temples of Greece, the Mayan temples, Aztecs, get the point, these great and powerful nations crashed, all predicted too, so why are our nations falling to pieces too, two thousand years after the death of Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a mystery to say the least, miracles have been known to happen. I’ve seen a few myself.
Confused I hope, baffled perhaps, bull to some, lets get off this page and surf some porn, I can already hear ye, don’t need to surf, we have favourites on tab, one click we are there, the brain in drain world, same as a drug addict in heat, till we burst and our breathing returns to normal, time to unbolt the door, slip into bed beside her. Ain’t we great at love!. At least the computer never has a headache.

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