Thursday, June 13, 2013

keep on spying

Your internet search’s, dark night history, phone calls to all and sundry, bank account and credit card details, all being spied on, and you’re a turkey, looking on helplessly, and Christmas is advancing fast, and it’s all totally legal, not that you have a say, welcome to the modern world, of surveillance and crime , Edward Snowden you've opened the can of worms. Having had my own dealings with these types, the zealot world we live in, I’m certain the whistle blowing is going to get louder and louder, amen. Excuses they use to justify anything, some call it  patriotic, tell that to victims of abuse, the countless number of children, sacrificed as evidenced, in the number of care home worldwide, where the perverted were comforted, because of the secrets they held, with consent of the security services, orphans abandoned and leftover children, who’ll notice them anyway, no one to speak for them, but the country is secure you understand,  the interests of the country, it used to be children, same excuse used to destroy Iraq, well, God Most High doesn't think so, and many many hardships are going to follow, for each  of these misdeeds, no matter how righteous these people may seem. So when the earthquakes strike, the tornadoes double in strength, don’t be surprised at all, you sow what you reap, it’s that clear and it’s in black and white, for over two thousand years. A point is reached when time hits a point, the angels and holy warriors make conclusions, God sends then in to seek out, those who tried those who loved, in order to complete the book of the harvest, and it’s reached that moment in time, well if I’m wrong I expect you all to become giving and kind, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon, if the past is any indication of the future, am I right or am I right, this is no joke movie, no laughing matter, it’s time to do what is right, and the actions of the majority, don’t speak the language of love or anything near the standard required, to enter into the joy of heaven or the company of the Lord God of Mercy and Love. Support Edward Snowden and start listening, too much government spin, too much effort to silence the mind, it does not work anymore, and the young people of the world know it well. let the revolution begin.

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