Friday, June 14, 2013


(south pacific song..there is nothing like a dame...hum this tune at the beginning...get you in the mood)
there is nothing like a mobile phone, nothing in the world, there is nothing like a phone, when your sitting
there all alone, wondering who to contact with, it fills your head with all sorts of ideas, and fills your heart with very strange plans, in a famine or a war it's good to have it close to you, that warm piece of plastic, that mobile don't feel very elastic, even if it's often the only friend you have, and now that the government is spying on you, your not alone so alone anymore, so don't feel bad. every thought idea hope aspiration, even love, can be fed to you, on a menu of your choosing you think, if your willing to abandon all faith in people, and place it with your mobile. imagine this, phones mobiles internet access spying and they can't afford to deal with the basic issues,  the sexualisation of children,  abuse of the female form, food for the hungry, and the safety of whistle blowers. i recall a time not so long ago, when the folks who tried to prevent the war in Iraq, were demonised, many had their careers destroyed, freedom fries, i dont suppose you want to be reminded, and the hundred thousand or more souls who died in the intervening time, on account of the terrible events. we made a mistake is not the words that come to mind. it's Syria's urn now i suppose, well it's going to end in ashes, and the same folks who fought against the war in Iraq, are now encouraging violence again, what goes on keeps going on, well. till the God Most High, turns out the lights, i guess we'll get a few warnings, as they say in Texas, don't throw away your mobile that a drone i see before me, come let me clutch thee and blow..boooom, peace in the U.S. starts with an explosion many thousands of miles away, big bang....there goes daddy and his children, ...sorry about that..who keyed in those co-ordinates..we'll blame that whistle blower...can anyone stop telling the truth for awhile...

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