Tuesday, June 18, 2013

eyes wide shut

Void in the heart, a hole in your finances, a marriage break up, what are your chances, of finding true love again, when women are itemized, children are sexualized, and your measured by the material, and not the character within. Up and down sweet breasts sex appeal ooze, youth filled with images of desire, I guess it’s the same for most of us, how can true love find root, if all I do is measure you, ask you to get a plastic surgery procedure, cause all I’m being sold is doubt. Doubt raises fear forces emotions, join this group or face isolation, children are now targets of such extremes, it’s not religious difference, it’s only business and it deceives. Circles of trust breached and misused, the Judas within us and that false pride, my appearance matters most the mirror says, my friends desert me when my thoughts stray, can’t be losers they might need help, they form charities to calm themselves, picture in the paper take a bow, it changes nothing system of evil grows. And you think I write to amuse myself, well if you saw the cloud, you’d get down on your knees and ask for help, and forgiveness for allowing the destruction of love on earth. Watch the numbers appear and appear, cause something very original and divine, is happening and it’s going to happen everywhere, bar a few places where love is still the basis of most relationships, not that property and image is ever more important, to any one of us, choke over your cornflakes and chuckle. It’s my job to look this way, it’s my what Asks God Most High, to whom you all pray, big surprise on the radar, hope the bunker is water tight, anyone with a sense of humor out there. I just don’t like the way they started to sexualize the young children, it began with the elite, they could afford to hide it, passed on to the wealthy, old habits began to be shared, like very young children, then porn became mainstream as women were contained, till it spread to the internet and every user therein, you didn't look, call your psychiatrist you’re in denial, but now we have very young teens looking around, and the next step is the one that has broken the camels back, the very little children are becoming the victims of the children we tried to protect, and that’s when love ends, and we are not too far away from that..it wasn't my problem either,..well open your eyes as they say. Or like Stanley Kubrick tried to explain before me died suddenly, we all have our eyes wide shut…

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