Friday, June 28, 2013

Want to Know

Don’t want to know, hear the scream next door, don’t want to know, the child is looking odd, I’m not the parent, I don’t want to know, women are bruised and worn, ,clothes tired and torn, cheek bones sticking out, pretend you don’t see her, keep moving don’t turn about, don’t want to know, can’t handle it anymore, enough problems of my own, turn on the TV, anything to fill your head, it’s like that medication, not good but you keep taking it till your dead, addiction what I’m not addicted, I just spend five hours a week seeking porn till it fills my head, everyone is doing it that’s called normal, it’s all over the place, damaging to children, I don’t want to know, crisis to crisis the game rolls on, anything to forget, hope it wont take long, doctor doctor can’t sleep , doctor doctor can’t relax anymore, have you got insurance he asks, otherwise you have to go, run around rush around, busy doing nothing but you look so busy, bleached white smile brighter than the sun, cost me a fortune, but then again, it cost the same for everyone, smile cheese damn wrinkles, I need botox as well, can it get any worse, I see that woman again, a child with her, she should be in jail, I comment as she walks by, I’m too afraid to stare, don’t want to know, well God Most High doesn't want to know you either, so I guess you are in the boat with many, who just never wanted to know.

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