Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the change

Faces full of meaning, outwardly spoken good intentions, underneath deception,  your average politician, millions marching with rage, truth revealed tempers roar, police force batons on them, keep them quite awhile, till conflict spills on the streets again, political voices promise resolutions, spin doctors advisors up the storm, this kind of speech might save us, but it  works again, streets clear the anger cools, educated type believe the hype, we can save the economy together, what’s the point in tearing it down. haven’t had my breakfast, this is too much to stomach, all your life to dwell on it, but only the change will put it right, summer holiday is here, can’t we delay it a night, we’ll be back to work in September, brake not from peace but for recreation. Blame the medication didn’t take enough, lying in the bed no sleep all night, images and memories faces in the news, they blemish your mind, hate seeing such stuff, prefer the sports channel, just results to worry about. Quite, no one around one click, escape to fantasy world, it’s your last time, like you said the other night, looks like mother quickly you click, girls of your age makes you wonder a bit, boy is only twelve but he soon has enough. What’s going on he asks, I’m too young for that kind of gaze, wonder why they have such stuff, don’t we all engage

Enough.  Mobile phone throbs in the pocket, amazing the places it can take you, amazing the change it can make to you. Circle after circle amuse me, entertain me keep me dazed, dealing with the truth is an offence these days, why did Edward Snowden and all those wake up our souls, make us think about what was happening, perhaps it’s the chance we have been waiting for, to fulfill our lives and live it, perhaps it’s the change, we are in fear of it. they believed in the great prophets, all those years ago, had to deal with change too, and like our current times, those in power today, will do anything to hang onto the reigns, and will do anything to prevent the change.

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