Friday, June 7, 2013

number 22

The dog is busy, spends his day digging holes, bees are missing wonder where they go, children over react all the time, parents kept on their toes, politicians everywhere make promises, they keep doing it, why I just don’t know. Four times last week, the manual said six, I’ll sue the doctor for giving me those pills,  better not I’ll have no fix. Damascus child wonders all the time, watches CNN and other news lines, worries all the time, seems to bother no one,  prays to God, doesn’t seem to respond. Young mother father out of sight, can’t afford childcare, can’t afford to work, angry conservatives look down on her, should have used the pill, can’t understand her. Christian churches spew hatred at the clinic door, another child aborted I hear them roar, they pray to God, seeking all sorts of vengeance, God shakes his head, have they no common sense. Third of children live in poverty, this lot shout a lot, they take ages to figure it out. Causes crisis charity announces, dire situation even the pope pronounces, news abounds show images everywhere, titans own the media, thought they’d do something about it, never. The race goes on, another day another crisis begins, Syrian week what next, a titanic size earthquake, can’t expect to succeed like this. where asks God, will the telling voice emerge, I’ve waited and been patient, encountered the totally absurd, all I get is repeated chants, drive the strongest out of their mind. they keep the women, in many cases totally uneducated, they think such behavior is allowed. Days pass into weeks, the weeks became years, centuries later a new millennium later, he’s still listening to this, it’s driving him totally absurd. Makes getting wrecked a little cracked up high on heroin, all a little worthwhile, makes you forget for sure the prancing of so many fools, many women interested in their bleached white teeth, those how do you do smiles. Shut out the truth, I don’t want to hear, it’s the wail of so many, in finance in particular, sponsors of war the money and arms, they have no thought of the horror or the scars, their callous cold hearted behavior everywhere. Eureka smiles God, a voice I haven’t heard, calm loving thoughtful and kind, must be a child I’m listening to he smiles. Sends angels in to investigate the surprise, one of our own the angels reply. did this happen, thought it was someone new, how did such a mistake occur, it’s the corner stone again, the one they dumped out of view. Angry happy God demands an enquiry, calls in those responsible to find out why. Trembling their eyes covered up, one of you turned this heart down, no excuses but the truth I from you he smiles. Silence no voice can explain it clearly, so who is the Judas among you. With a finger he dismisses, retires to his personal chambers, no wonder the chaos that has grown for ages, when the truth has been hidden by some of your own. The era of the sycophant, the emperors clothes syndrome, the rotten core of leadership everywhere, it’s a wonder the world hasn’t exploded. Start all over again, we’ll have to start all over again, but this time there will be two in charge, 2 2, these sole male dominated structures, just don’t work no more, amen.

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