Monday, July 15, 2013

Maxwell Smart to Control, over and out

Control, no emotional input, can satisfy our conscience, keeps the truth hidden while we get on with living, achieves nothing makes you dumb, just wondering why, too busy in life no secret in that, feeding the love you treasure, doing handstands to keep it all together, nothing remarkable about that, it’s why the spying is global, countless great men and women destroyed, broken hearted and despised, not by chance but by evil intent, phone calls reputation secret romances share dealings, can’t have happened blame someone else, no it’s how they rake the good from society, replacing them with the compromised, why are they going after the whistle blowers, secrets out force them to run and hide, control lost love is now replenished, suddenly God Most High is awoken, those regulations they impose, always targets the small people, why criminals of substance hire the best, accountants lawyers five star reputations, no one has the means to challenge them, apart from the artists divinely inspired, and often it’s media they use, this will be a surprise, explains why some great believers are distant all the time, control it’s a byword for the dead inside, why is control such an important tool, it’s the reason they have power over love and reason, and the vast majority of love on the planet, children you might say but it’s the mothers listen, and this control of women over thousand year prohibitions, it’s an implement of fear and women ought to listen, it’s the cause of wars this so called love of religion, when was love ever controlling, when you wanted it all for yourself, they  evoked old texts to carry out this ambition, well done you control freaks for the hatred you conditioned, you got away with it but it’s over and unconditional, mercy you show  for rules and regulations, the polar opposite to the laws of nature, environment destroyed world on the brink, coming up with all sorts of remedies plenty of money in that, and they thought they were going to get away with it, I’m certain this wont happen cause the hope of God is love, and it’s found a new fire, they’ve engaged the ire of God, and of that I’m certain not kidding, glad it happened in this lifetime, enough children had their lives destroyed in the name of what, control it’s the devils religion, we own you, not anymore, 99, where are you. 

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  1. This Crap smells so much like crap, it must be published twice, mental FARTING is so 'hard'. Picasso was a creator of ART and should not be associated with this DRIVVLE TRYING TO MORALISE, CLINGING TO GOD AND LOVE AND PICASSO FOR CREDIBILITY. You must be a frustrated ould Git freak who discovered the internet while coked out on your own crap.