Friday, July 5, 2013

growing up is hard to do

Young boy tries to grow up, no sense to guide him, he quickly gives up, fails in education teachers under pressure, authorities impose rules that are supposed to help him, makes friendships with those like him, soon they are running amok, and when they get in more serious trouble , we lock them up inside. A tough regime forces resentment, fosters new anger creates more troubled friendships, six months a year or two later, uneducated but wise in all that is wrong, they are thrown out on the streets, they’re new home it’s where they belong. Wisdom dictates a new direction is called for, the comet we have been expecting, it the one we have self created, because we drowned out love, replaced it with all that was greed, we wiped the face of hope, from the dreams of children worldwide, and God Most High isn’t too impressed, and the evil ones who supported this cause, and all those that supported these plans, from spin doctors lawyer consultants and henchmen, they will all be held responsible, for allowing this menace to happen. What’s for dinner dear, asks the Loving God, ready to sit down with his true friends, the business of love on top of the world again, peace for dessert all over the place.

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