Monday, July 8, 2013

Living on Chemical Alley

Sterile, too clean, protected from the wind, sealed, energy rated homes obscene, save what you ask, your ass. Energy saving devices, shouldn’t take exercise, using up too much energy, seeds, chemically altered, plants animals, farmed out, pharmaceutical industry, water industry, make up, washing products, not forgetting fertilizers and genetically modified everything, well if you don’t believe me, today, go outside, and tell me this, the number of bees alive, near you, are they pollinating apple trees, not like they are supposed to, or to put it accurately, only where the environment is clean and unaltered. I was watching a bee lately, rumbling around a plant, a flower to be exact, buzz buzz, stop buzz buzz, the flowers were tiny,  I wondered how the bee was doing, I’m a bit of a bee myself you see, but I watched this particular bee, the weather was warm and sunny, ideal, a little wind, nothing noisy, in the middle of agricultural country, and I saw Einstein’s warning being played out before me. I don’t want to got into detail, but Einstein is worth checking out, a pretty clever man at that. But back to the bee, and his struggle to survive, I watched in amazement, as he landed so gently on the tiny strands of flower, that would hardly hold a cobweb up,  and wondered what his return would be, from all this hardy work, not much from what I saw, as the plant was very small. I got on with my chores, and returned to the scene of the active bee sight, to see if any other bees would come and do some work. Another ventured to the spot, didn’t stay too long, as he wasn’t having much luck, and I paused, took out my camera, tried to take a few shots.
Anyway, I got back to my chores, the day was very hot, didn’t last too long, wisdom is sometimes saying you had enough, and decided to do the Spanish thing, and have a siesta, well a cup of tea and a cigarette. Going in the door, I stopped to admire a bunch of fresh flowering plants, a dozen of so, I’ll stay here I said a moment, and see what kind of bee will show up. This was like the proverbial lake compared to the isolated plant I’d earlier focused on, big, bright, many, a harvest, goldmine if you want to put words on it.

They ought to smell good too, I nosed closer and pressed my nose to a few of the buds, no fragrance to think of, strange I thought. I waited and waited, waited waited, best part of an hour, not a single bee showed up. Chemically adjusted and treated, produced in large plants, factory style, just like farmed chicken, tasteless unless you douze it in sauces of all kinds, unlike chicken I had when I was a child, juicy succulent and tender, not like the rubber we call chicken today, back to the flowers, totally produced using prison style conditions, no fragrance in them at all, and the bees knew this also, so they avoided them completely. You don’t need scientific proof to decide that people have changed completely, call it progress, best excuse out there. But for the sake of the world, and the bees that inhabit it, it’s time we took the use of chemicals globally seriously before it’s over, like in a flash. Bee’s know it already, Einstein recognized it, and we are all watching it happen before our eyes. And worse than that, there are chemists and scientists throughout the world, who for the sake of a few dollars more, as clint eastwood would pit it, are willing to trade the world for nothing at all in the end, just for a little change really. It’s the story of the wealthy man’s struggle to become rich, destroying all before him, marriages, the lives of children, workers, just to be called wealthy, knowing he will die penniless in the end. By which I mean, he’ll destroy his chance of a heavenly reward, because of the spite he has inside, for those who aren’t rich like him. God is a lover of bees, and we are destroying them. No point having hindsight from the bottom of the ocean, you can tell the passengers on the Titanic that one. Bubbles everywhere and nothing inside. Why do you think they banned marijuana, cause it didn’t need chemicals to survive. Time to acquire wisdom before you die, check out the use of chemicals online, studies, asthma rates for the last thirty years, sperm rates in men, autism rates, the list is endless. God Most High isn’t impressed by the attempts to genetically alter the world, and will expose all of this charade, with lightning speed.  I expect this will be evidenced when you see a spate of chemical industry disasters, remember Bhopal in india, remember Chernobyl, remember that you read it here, so pass it on. Wisdom is not something you use to make yourself rich, wisdom is used to make the world a better place, safer, more durable, kinder, decent. Please pass this on. I suppose and hope your not one of those folks that wants to be cloned, another bunch of sheep.

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