Friday, August 9, 2013


Manipulation, since time began, call it power call it addiction, call it what you like, it’s a source of evil, it’s the most cunning disease about, children women men babies politicians, power to control to overstate to overtake, name of greed lust avarice or mistrust, the sexualisation of the young, to the use of the gun, manipulation, it’s war it’s famine  it’s in everyone, and we have to overcome it, sow hatred harvest hate, sow love harvest gold,  we encourage manipulation, it’s your child’s education,  the reason we hate, we can’t show it so we pretend, the young suffer, alcohol abuse addictions, the drugs we offer to overcome, the political pretenders the pharmaceutical kings, the professional sports we gamble on, the lost innocence that we  undersell, cause we all do it, and it’s something that we have to overcome, I’ve been on the frontline, I watched the tactics, from Hitler’s men of propaganda to the last election, the pr men the advertisers best friend, media moguls reap the benefits, criminal tycoons who get away with it, something has to be done, manipulation of truth we take for granted, fearful to open our mouths, in case the truth gets out, and you wonder why all over the world they fight wars over it, all over manipulation, it’s time we stopped a minute and tried to work it out, before we become so manipulated we'll forget who we've become.

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