Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Godot has a plan

indoctrination misinformation, distraction, don’t pretend everything is alright, take the week end off, one day someone will come along when everything will be made right, I’m that child, the world needs resuscitation, and not all that false inspiration, sweet suggestion that gives delay to our moment of escape, while we wait like we always wait. I am a father a brother a mother a sister a teacher a communicator, I see the evil that is overcoming civilization, together as one we can counter this discrimination, lets hope we don’t end up in institutions, just ask he said all those years ago, keep my faith in your heart and put away your ego, and then you’ll smile from here till the end of time, and you’ll get used to something so beautiful, that you’ll behave like you had it all along...,
the simple but awe inspiring life you have, so what are you waiting for, Godot, he comes and goes all the time

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