Friday, April 12, 2013

Education to start, ignorance to end

Education is the start of everything, ignorance the end. Why wasn't I a porno baron,
could have looked at young girls all day, made ten fortunes, made the world excited, and because it would have been my job, it would have been all legal bombing a foreign country, legal, if you get the approval of the UN.

He was in his element. Four funerals the same day, most unusual unless your neighborhood is being bombed daily, and they love the children they say. Harry was part historian. In the seminary they took all his old playboy mags, gave him copies of international graphic instead, a save everything on earth publication, endangered species, honest people, natural women, happy children, harry liked the leopards too, not just the lepers. Education is the start of everything, ignorance usually the end, as evolution shows. If you don’t change you die, even energy companies know this, global warming experts too. What did the so called experts do before global warming came along, probably teachers. Citizens of the world keep chasing dollars with the relentlessness of a vicious tumor  If those printing machines can spurt out money why not print a few more batches, no one will notice, and the hungry the world over get fed, really that simple. Can’t interfere with the economy, whose fooling who here.
 Harry believed in miracles. Unlike money, love never rusts, and rust never sleeps, money rusts if you don’t spend it or give it to someone else. Ask the Cypriots what happened to their stash. Love of money just goes too far, rusts the heart, you've been warned. If the children of the world have a voice, let it be heard, and quickly. The pain of death by starvation, the wealth of so many nations, the pious statements of world leaders, the five course dinners they spend hours over, the long shuttle home on the private jet, waking the next day with the worst of hangovers, nothing compared to the future offers from above, room with a view and a bed of glass for starters, menu indescribable, just lots of surprises for you. And you did this to all those kids, really he asks, as you plead with him, not even the greatest Hollywood script writer will get you out of this mess. 

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