Wednesday, April 24, 2013

domestic violence rhianna style

horrors from abroad keep us looking afar, time to see what's going on at home!
mam and dad arguing in the kitchen, a glass breaks the young one rushes in, daddy has
mammy in one of those rhianna looking grips, little man grabs his mammys leg hoping
to protect her, little one is pushed to the floor mammy tells him to go, father is full of rage
how did he see it, he just thinks of himself and stares, look what she's done she's startled the
little one, little boy climbs the stairs his small footsteps full of dread and aware, his little boy
heart torn open he wonders at every step he takes, why daddy why. rain forests sound sexier.
he gets to his room closes the door his father screams at mammy how come he screams while she
straddles the floor, dripping blood from a a broken jaw and ear, no place to go too much fear to let
go, she looks up at him no feeling just terror within.
women have been on the beating end for such a long long time, even the Hollywood stars are guilty of
thid, yet they do nothing but keep it all in, gay marriage more important politically might get a better
role if we say nothing, i guess it's rhianna thinking all over again, sounds like the end of human concern
unless it's in africa or somewhere far away from them, amen.

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