Monday, April 22, 2013

I own you

I own you, all techied up and nowhere to go, sounds like a busy day on the web, a very strange wedding indeed, a love affair with technology, new husband has acquired property in human form, a woman, we’ll do it my way, he boasts.. If they have children, boys will be valued more than girls, boys can be made work younger, girls come with the burden of dowry. Makes it sound reasonable to own women as they say, you’ll have to pay to send them packing. He’s the father, sue him. All this sounds third reich stuff, but if her name is on the paper, she’s yours. Beat her, heat her, starve her, even bleach her, and cause she’s yours, it’s all legal. What a society for a girl to grow up in, after a while she’d think it normal and just fall in line. Propaganda, keep repeating, easy to wind up people, steer them left or right, once you know their likes and dislikes, simple really. The new girl in the office watches the soaps, she must be normal, so do I. so do I, sounds like sodomy, but in slow motion. Sounds familiar, resentment caused, most of it by propaganda. And it’s daily, weekly, on junior TV, here there everywhere, and were all tied up in it. So how do you untangle the mind, free up space without having to take advice from the guru creature, cult, or professional thief, probably all are, thieves of a kind. Like banks, these cults, the more money you have the more they want you. Did you get that, that was deep, I agree with you 100%, I’m with you on that. Did I really impress you, that makes you feel good, someone thinks your impressive, wake up quickly, cause your about to be had. And if you have a problem, (everyone living on the planet earth has problems, booze, drink, sex, TV, gold, you name it, everyone is addicted to something) who isn’t on prescription pills. Those valium really did the job doctor, maybe I should try something a little heavier, have you anything for stress, it’s like asking a fish about water, listen to yourselves. But nothing is much worse than propaganda, being misled entirely and you think it’s good for you, you overlook anything, like a new man in the life of an aging thirty year old in search of children, she’ll put up with anything. If I don’t conceive soon, it’ll be hopeless, too late too late, I can hear the tears. If you love children so much, how about reducing their exposure to adult stuff, the ones you already care about, as you must love children to the ends of the earth. Your alcohol problem won’t be an excuse, you will, that’s another day’s work. Cults are like that. They get you to reveal yourself, know you intimately as possible, and they’ll lay on chicks, just to encourage you .don’t worry Sidney, monica and jenny just want to help you with your clothes. After sex, everyone talks. Your so relaxed, you’ll do anything cause you’d just had a dopamine rush, and it feels good. Your body tingles, like a heroin hit. Till your addicted or deeply involved in the cult. Soon, you’ll be hunting for new prospects. That’s what I love about God almighty. You are given gifts, and the will to decide for yourself. Are you amazed or just one of those folks, ready to take on the world for cash, hoping to acquire along the way, give back what, exactly. You’ll be asked this one day, what did you do for the life you were given, the potential entrusted in you. Cults never ask such question, they make it sound like you’ve found a resting place, head space, until you get intoxicated with new concepts, stuff you never worried about, conspiracy, what’s new. Sounds like propaganda to me.

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