Sunday, April 21, 2013

like writing on the wall...

it's here,being the day of Sunday, i wanted to do something right, and remembered a story of you, about life and death, that cuts to the very heart of all that is life, it's a story of the deaf kind, deaf people hear better than most, words can be heard from the heart,  just remembered Beethoven or which of the great composers had the major disabilities,  imagine where he'd have ended up today, that's right, in the garbage can, is there anything left inside, check it again. Time changes, it's the writing on the wall. have you been to the doctor lately, you'd better check out those bleeding gums, that pain you have in your head it might not be all that cider you drank, there might be a brain in there instead. we have found new bearings and aim to go in another direction, both making a point or starting a revolution, but the world is a living chaos, held together by the threat of nuclear war, selfishness, our desire to control, a prescription medication addiction and fear. what a platform for success, the writing is on the wall. print another two billion chuck, that get us to thanksgiving.

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