Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cult of Confusion

Confusion is a normal thing, it happens daily, happens with age, and with children, it’s a tool they use against you, hard to believe but true, confusion. It happens in many ways, the consequence which can differ, basic cause is you and me, confusion, it happens each waking day, the threat of change to come, the consequence of addiction, the hope of getting through, confusion, the days are changing fast, the wind we can’t rely on, the evergreens are drunk now, the days are nearly through, confusion, your call is a wise one, a warning to all who hear, the actions of so many, controlled by the few, the danger is being constructed by a cult nothing less, a consequence of acting like Gods while the world tries to renew, confusion.
you face, the wrinkles on your neck, the drooping chin, the rubber tummy, the fear in your lovers eyes, your reflection that is, the fear of opening up, the mountain you keep for yourself, and they say the world is a loving place, confusion more likely, so it appears to me.
school time, children act out the fantasy of learning, teachers on the brink of destruction, governments on the edge forever fighting, pope wonders his dreams far away, mothers wonder how they cope, attention seeking deficit the order of the day, confusion, no, they just planned it that way.

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