Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You can't kill Love, not even in Boston

blood soaked streets limbs everywhere, people running like sheep the wolves everywhere, children the proverbial feast, this is not just Boston, God bless them over there. The world cries out, the demonic scream and shout, images travel across the globe, the zealots and their certain talk, we told so their gaze, this is pure evil, of that there is no doubt. a life so full and hopeful, innocence destroyed for all time, the memories that will linger, the pain that goes on and on. Meanwhile, those of evil persuasion, sit back in their comfy chairs, panic on the street is great, lets shed more blood over there. But one wise man or woman is all that is required, for it is those that encourage evil, are those that are running scared So stop and reflect and think before you act, just let the evil doer know that your loving heart is in tact. It is obvious to all decent folk today, that the evil ones are more desperate than you think,  for to allow such public slaughter on a world wide street, is sure sign of the end for those whose lives are hate filled, and this act of random hatred, has been caused to make us all weep. There are more angels in heaven today, dont worry if you feel yourself filled with pain, the only reason we feel this way, is because we are different to they, we care. I guess we have to make up the love lost in Boston, and try to spread it everywhere, amen.

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