Thursday, October 10, 2013

wonder on

Religion war, war, war, god, Christians united, Muslim, Jewish ness, the whole lot was a mess, and undermining life globally and locally for everyone who just wanted to get on. You had to be in some ones gang when it came to religion. You stood alone, you were bait. Harry had been taking notes on it all. How religion, oil, business and the media had merged. ROBM, rob’em he called it for short.
Love was not an issue known to make news. The opposite to violence and human obscenity.
Many had sung about it, written lines, tried it out even, for it has a hunger, know one person can satisfy totally, Love to be love, has to be capable of sharing, it's almost nuclear, powerful, free to use, freaky that you don’t need insurance for it, you don't need to save it even, works better when you don't, the most powerful drug of all figured harry, who’d put it all down on it, everything he believed in. Afraid of the religious order, he dealt direct with the light. With time, his thinking was well placed, he liked the idea of the anonymous prophet leader guru type, who connected with his followers through wisdom. Wasn’t sure how it would work online though. Easee peesee   was magda’s response to everything now they were almost a couple, almost. Working together was as good as they were going to be. The dam would burst one day soon she hoped. Love had other ideas, and like the wind itself, is uncontrollable. Wonder why you can't control love, well, think about it, and you might come up with the answer. Do you own the wind, the sun, the water, the air, no, but you use it every day. Well, love is like that, you just get used to it, and like everything you get close to, you take it for granted, sounds like today, the way we discard almost everything, you can't do that to love and expect the great benefactor above, to give you more. Harry wondered at all the contentious people, wondered if they ever loved anything, other than themselves, or were they denied love in the beginning, most likely. The void that has to be filled, same as the syringe in the hands of the addict. Wonder on...

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