Monday, October 21, 2013

Rule for Love - part 1

The Rule of love

Love owns nothing and no one owns love, just imagine it!, you spend your life looking for something you already have. You just have to show it, sounds too easy.
And those that you miss most, those that loved you so much it was impossible to forget. Why has the real legend, the truly great and most wonderful lover of all, never been forgotten, Jesus Christ. His message has endured everything because, it was purely love that was his reason for being, he’d no other purpose in life. He wasn’t a collector of things, he didn’t worry about tomorrow, and believed fully, in the love of his father, God Most High. He believed fully in the father, he was his child. Father’s love their children. Sometimes they over do it, but basically it’s Love that sees us through or the dream of it, that helps us push forward when times don’t seem so good. So when you love today, don’t treat it as something that belongs to you, treat it as a gift worth sharing with others. The more you share it, the more of it you will receive. And the first rule of love, is forgiveness, something we all struggle with. I was reared in a time, when Love was all that mattered, and it was played out that way, everywhere, until TV producers and others chasing the ratings, disturbed it all, and poisoned the minds of people everywhere. A time when a millionaire was an icon and a person of immense talent, a time when billionaires didn’t exist. Now I live in a time when people can’t get enough of anything, where greed has no limits, and lust has no boundaries. It sure has changed as they say. I wonder who were the people who promoted such a society. They did not have Love on the agenda or any form of social responsibility for that matter. They broke the golden rule, the only one God Most High insists we stick to. For to love you cherish it first, share it secondly, and when you put your paw into the bowl of love for more., you don’t grab it all. As someone very wise once said, you leave some for the next person, being polite I suppose and responsible at the same time. Just an opinion!.

Paddypicasso 2013

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